To give more securities to our customers we have decided to post and daily update our stock-list. In the 'stock section' you can easily check information like availability, committed quantities ordered by customers and orders placed to our suppliers.

Unlike most of the biggest distributors do, we guarantee that we fully assume the commitments to our customers even for long-terms orders.

Last update: Friday, 15 October 2021 13:02

Part numberArticle descriptionCompanyAvailable stockCommitted stockOrders to suppliersInfo
2002.32.CC.F.0ZOCCOLO SIL 1X32eldeco00340Request
205210/3CONN VASCH. 37V P.Feldeco00218Request
206070-8(TY) CALOTTA CPC SIZE 17 (182655-1)eldeco50000Request
206478/4CALOTTA AMP 37VIEeldeco00200Request
20914-2018020914-20180 698 4000MHz flexible antenna 180mm cableeldeco0640640Request
21282122128212 6X2/FEeldeco002Request
213603-2(TY) CONTATTO CPC Meldeco004000Request
21587200012158720001 ANTENNA bluetooth whit SMA-CONNECTOReldeco01075210752Request
22-01-10625051-06 CONN MOLEXeldeco002000Request
22-01-20756471-071 CONN.MOLEX LEAD FREEeldeco100000Request
22-01-20856471-081 CONN.MOLEX LEAD FREEeldeco004000Request
22-03-50255267-02A CONN.MOLEX LEAD FREEeldeco75014000124000Request
22-03-50355267-03A CONN.MOLEX LEAD FREEeldeco40003600050000Request
22-03-50455267-04A CONN.MOLEX LEAD FREEeldeco80001800040000Request
22-03-50555267-05A CONN.MOLEX LEAD FREEeldeco1340000Request
22-03-50655267-06A CONN.MOLEX LEAD FREEeldeco0600051000Request
22-03-50855267-08A CONN.MOLEX LEAD FREEeldeco300001900020000Request
22-03-51055267-10A CONN. MOLEX LEAD FREEeldeco00390Request
22-04-10215045-02A CONN MOLEXeldeco101300Request