To give more securities to our customers we have decided to post and daily update our stock-list. In the 'stock section' you can easily check information like availability, committed quantities ordered by customers and orders placed to our suppliers.

Unlike most of the biggest distributors do, we guarantee that we fully assume the commitments to our customers even for long-terms orders.

Last update: Friday, 26 November 2021 12:36

Part numberArticle descriptionCompanyAvailable stockCommitted stockOrders to suppliersInfo
02-09-81081973-2A(P901) CONTATTOeldeco006000Request
0238Cond.El. 100uF/50V-105 d.8x12mm (PTH)eldeco100040003000Request
0241Res. array 100R cod. CAY16-1000F4LF (1206)eldeco01000010000Request
02PLTB(C1502) ANTENNA BUBBLE 125 KHZeldeco67109Request
03-06-20611625-06P1 CONN. MLXeldeco00500Request
03-09-10221545-R1 CONN.MOLEX SENZA ALETTE LEAD FREEeldeco100010001850Request
03-C564005-LED(1296) K CONNETTORE M8 - 3 POLES + LEDeldeco01053010500Request
03541140A(C1503) CONNECTOR 8V JP GRAY TT3eldeco40096006000Request
03541150A(C743) CONNECTOR 6V ECE BLACK TT3eldeco280024000Request
03541165A(C740) CONN.8 VIE MB SAE WIBI FP AUD GRAY RAL 7043eldeco200012000Request
03546040B(C733) BLOCCH.C/TERMINALI 3 STOP 343eldeco03700030000Request
03546040B*A(C1470) FIAT 343, PPA MATERIAL. APRILE 2018eldeco00100Request
03573100(C744) CONNECTOR ECE WIBI GRAY RAL 7042 10POLI AU573 A7eldeco260016000Request
03573110(C742) CONN.SAE AMBIDX NAT.10 POLI AUDI AU573eldeco140014000Request
03687210CONN(C717) CONNECTOR 4 WAYS BMW-TRAY PACKINGeldeco3025015700047000Request
03687220(C781) Guarn. Fan. Post. F39 con linguetta mezzotaglio senza asportazione materiale.eldeco1532015229730320Request
03874080-1(C746) CONNETTORE 6 PINeldeco500033600Request
03874080_DIR_02(C723) 03874080_DIR_02 (PIN)eldeco001500Request