To give more securities to our customers we have decided to post and daily update our stock-list. In the 'stock section' you can easily check information like availability, committed quantities ordered by customers and orders placed to our suppliers.

Unlike most of the biggest distributors do, we guarantee that we fully assume the commitments to our customers even for long-terms orders.

Last update: Monday, 17 January 2022 23:15

Part numberArticle descriptionCompanyAvailable stockSTOCK WCommitted stockOrders to suppliersInfo
14.2852.7014.2852.70 cavo HDMI 10m HIGH SPEED C/ETH 'HD VIDEO'eldeco00020Request
14.2852.7514.2852.75 cavo HDMI MT 15MTeldeco0080Request
14431251443125 Fusibile cilindrico 22 x 58 mm - Tipo: CH22/P - Curva: gG - Corrente = 125A - Tensione = 400V - Con percussoreeldeco001818Request
146-686805.60.533 ETTeldeco000100Request
15-38-01045360-10BT CONN MLXeldeco00060Request
1503061CV TELEFONICO SPECIFICO PER LIFTeldeco000100Request
15204593CONNETTORE AMPeldeco000150Request
1524E CACIRCUITO INTEGRATOeldeco000180Request
1540R141TWSTRIP 40V 90 F.SINGeldeco00020Request
1558.0110-00-8892-R-CAVO FLAT 90327-0308eldeco000260Request
1559.0210-00-8893-R-CAVO FLAT 90327-0312eldeco0001Request
1564.00CAVO FLATeldeco0001250Request
1564.0110-00-8889-R- CAVO FLAT 90327-0304eldeco00064Request
15ETX06FP-PBF15ETX06FP-PBF VSHeldeco0010Request
15W BALLAST15W BALLAST water disinfection integrated UV lampeldeco0005Request
16 POLI P 2,00STREEP P 2.00 16 POLIeldeco0001Request
16-02-007870021-0008 categoria 101eldeco0400002000020000Request
16-02-008870058-0026 CONTeldeco0360000140100180100Request