To give more securities to our customers we have decided to post and daily update our stock-list. In the 'stock section' you can easily check information like availability, committed quantities ordered by customers and orders placed to our suppliers.

Unlike most of the biggest distributors do, we guarantee that we fully assume the commitments to our customers even for long-terms orders.

Last update: Tuesday, 20 April 2021 14:07

Part numberArticle descriptionCompanyAvailable stockCommitted stockOrders to suppliersInfo
109-2040332231(30265) SUB-D DOPPIO F-UP/M-DOWN 15V 109-2040332231eldeco00160Request
109-2050632232(30530) CONNETTORE VESCHETTA DOPPIO M-UP/F-DOWN 25V SDD-2525-N922-22MFN E-TECeldeco003Request
10BC22223ETICHETTA BROTHER DK-22223 50X30, 48 COMPATIBILEeldeco001Request
10BC22243ETICHETTA BROTHER DK-22243 102X30, 48 COMPATIBILEeldeco001Request
10BRO01050ETICHETTATRICE BROTHER QL-1050eldeco001Request
10MF 25V MINCOND MINIATURAeldeco003000Request
10UF 16V CASEBCOND E. 16V 10UF SMDeldeco00200Request
10W BALLAST10W BALLAST Water disinfection integrated UV lampeldeco005Request
1125-1240G0S126012.54mm Pin Header,2*40P,Straight,L=12.5/3.0,1U'Gold Flasheldeco005000Request
113A TLGLED V. D.5 PUNT.eldeco0076Request
115096 PDISL.C.D.eldeco004Request
119-1046MOLEX 119-1046eldeco001Request
1190-TMOLEX 1190-T Meldeco007000Request
11R102C11R102C INDUTTANZA 1UH 3AH MURATAeldeco002500Request
11V ZMMZENER SMDeldeco002500Request
1206 2K2 50VCONDENSAT SMD X7Reldeco0012000Request
123 TLYLED G. D.3 PUNTeldeco001145Request