To give more securities to our customers we have decided to post and daily update our stock-list. In the 'stock section' you can easily check information like availability, committed quantities ordered by customers and orders placed to our suppliers.

Unlike most of the biggest distributors do, we guarantee that we fully assume the commitments to our customers even for long-terms orders.

Last update: Friday, 17 September 2021 14:55

Part numberArticle descriptionCompanyAvailable stockCommitted stockOrders to suppliersInfo
10-08-50312599M-03 CON.MOLEXeldeco0500500Request
10-08-50612599M-06A CONN.MOLEXeldeco00460Request
10-08-51012599M-10A CONN.MOLEX LEAD FREEeldeco0050Request
10-10-10513002-05A CONN.MOLEXeldeco00176Request
10-10-11013002-10A CONN MOLEX LEAD FREEeldeco00216Request
10-5313-1104105313-1104 MOLEXeldeco049924992Request
1000-20A-2-LK(C649) CARD EDGE P. 254 10X2 DIR. CSeldeco21520263203920Request
1000MF 35V 105COND 105 CASE 12,5X 20eldeco0090Request
100H 2WRESISTENZAeldeco0011000Request
100H2YL1 MGMODULI TOSHIBAeldeco0080Request
100MF 35VCOND.eldeco001000Request
100UF 25V VERC.E.100UF 25V VERT.TRAD.6,3X11 NASTRATOeldeco004000Request
100YXF220MEFC16X25100YXF220MEFC16X25 COND RAD 220MF 100V SERIE XYFeldeco62715115Request
100YXM10MEFC6.3X11.5100YXM10MEFC6.3X11.5 RUBYCONeldeco400000Request
100ZLH100M10X20100ZLH100M10X20 ZLH100U 100V RUBYCONeldeco400000Request
10101FASTON 6,3 MM VERTICA LEeldeco1230000Request
10110121581(C724) 12PIN POGO PIN CONNECTOR MALEeldeco300030000Request
10110121582(C725) 12PIN SOLID PIN CONNECTOR FEMALEeldeco200020000Request
102387-8(TY) MODU IV FEMMINA VOLANTE 17X2eldeco0058Request
104188-0210104188-0210 CONN MOLEXeldeco450000Request